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AIESEC US Job Questionnaire: Global Entrepreneur Partner On Boarding Package


Our Global Entrepreneurs program offers start-ups with the opportunity to connect with high-potential talent. By providing your startup with our global network to connect with young professionals, AIESEC can help grow your business and expand your reachacross previously unavailable markets.Partnering with AIESEC transforms the way your business brings in and utilizes the best talent. Our program enables you to bring in a diverse team of international interns to develop your company with short-term projects. Empower your organization to realize
its full potential with driven young leaders.

Intern Profiles

• Human Resources
• Finance
• Sales
• Marketing
• Business Administration
• Web Development
• Information Technology
• Market/Product Research

$650 Program Fee
+ Accommodation for Interns

Program Details

Countries We Source From: Brazil, China, Colombia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, and others.

Duration: 6 – 8 Weeks

Duties of Hosting Company: Provide a clear job description
of daily work, ensure safe accommodation for the duration of
stay, and provide a direct supervisor to the intern(s).

Candidate Profile: Recent graduates of universities, 21 – 25
years of age, excellent English language skills.
Process Timeline: 6 – 8 Weeks

After a contract has been signed with a finalized job description, we will shortlist candidates for you to interview for your selection decision of the position(s). B-1 visa
processing will begin upon selection and arrival into the US will occur shortly after.

Services Provided

  • Applicant Sourcing
  • B-1 Visa Assistance
  • Accommodation Search Assistance
  • Airport Reception
  • Program Coordinator



Alessio Iadicicco
(919) 219-2114