The Bee Corp


The Bee Corp offers decision-support software powered by real-time sensor monitoring and hive data analytics to help beekeepers grow their business.

Back in 2013, CEO Ellie Symes became interested in beekeeping after a summer apprenticeship with an Ohio beekeeper. She founded the first student-run beehives and the Beekeeping Club at IU with the help of Simon Kuntz and Wyatt Wells.

Ellie and her team sought out to solve the most glaring problem they found in the beekeeping industry: the dire need for data. Over the next few months, the team worked endlessly to refine their idea for a business aimed at combating colony decline with data collection and analysis.

In early 2016, they submitted their business plan into Indiana University’s “Building Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology” competition, an opportunity for students to pitch a business plan in front of 20 high-profile investors.

The Bee Corp was the first ever Benefit Corporation to enter the BEST Competition. The proposal was awarded a grand prize investment of $100,000.

The Bee Corp was incorporated on February 25th, 2016.