Papertrailer is a digital filing cabinet. Our purpose is to help businesses, families and individuals get organized and easily maintain records that are secure yet always accessible. It merges the world of digital documents and paper documents into one platform, allowing you to keep all your records – no matter the original format – in one place. It features a unique and flexible organization schema that is not folder-based, meaning there are multiple ways to classify and find your documents.

Papertrailer has top notch security, storing and transmitting your documents in encrypted formats. Additionally, the service offers a variety of other security features, including the ability to share your files without relinquishing control of the original document.

We are a full-service company, providing customers the opportunity to import documents a variety of ways or, for those that generate a continuous stream of paper files, the option to allow us to handle the digitization and labeling.

899 S College Mall Rd, #354, Bloomington, IN 47401