Cornerstone Information Systems


Cornerstone Information Systems® drives mission-critical business outcomes across routine and complex data processes for travel companies and buyers of travel services.

Serving over 300 of the world’s largest travel brands and Fortune 500 companies, Cornerstone leads with business and advisory services to deliver its solutions.

We solve complex problems for the travel industry. We transform business processes to maximize revenue with every transaction by reducing costs and improving productivity. We acquire, aggregate, cleanse, normalize, and warehouse data in our Data Services solution to ensure that your data is available where you need it, when you need it.

Our leading workflow automation solution simplifies service management and reduces complexity by solving issues before they occur and providing necessary visibility into and control over resources. Our analytics and visualization technology provide solutions across the spectrum of reporting needs, from static published reports to ad-hoc live analytics. Using near real-time data, we built our platforms to address the specific, travel-focused business needs for reporting within a single customer – from monthly booking reports and financial statements to client account managers making program recommendations and travel managers looking to renegotiate rates.

Our technology creates spreadsheets, slides, and visualizations that are designed for sharing across the company. We help you uncover actionable insights in your travel data to ensure that you make better decisions for your travel program, from negotiations with suppliers to travel policy changes.



Company Location

304 W Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404