Platformatics is a Bloomington, Indiana based tech company founded by several experienced Silicon Valley innovators. Our mission is to transform commercial lighting through innovative hardware and software applications that improve productivity and comfort, beautify environments, and conserve energy for building owners, operators, and tenants.

Platformatics’ products make it easy to power and control any lighting. We build innovative solutions that combine standards based Ethernet switches with LED lights controlled by application rich software. The outcome is a platform that enables building owners to customize the user experience while conserving energy.

Platformatics provides a flexible, scalable, and secure system to support new application innovation in lighting, Internet of Things, and building controls. Applications include white light illumination, emergency and egress lighting, as well as energy and room environmental condition monitoring.

Our team of innovators is always looking for talented individuals who have a drive to create new solutions to existing and emerging problems. 

Company Location

303 N. Curry Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404