Hanapin Marketing, a digital marketing agency that focuses on pay-per-click marketing, recently announced plans to expand its operations in Bloomington. The BEDC interviewed them to tout their success and find out more about their experience in Bloomington.  

Tell us about your recent expansion announcement.

“2016 was a year of significant growth for Hanapin. We hired 23 new employees and suddenly went from having a lot of office space to feeling more cramped. As we continue to grow the organization, we plan to remain in Bloomington and it will be necessary to expand our footprint. We’re in the process of investigating our options and look forward to making a greater investment in the Bloomington community so that we can continue to hire great Indiana workers and grow the agency!”

Rebecca Reott, Director of HR

You’ve been named Best Place to Work several times. Congratulations! What tips do you have for other employers to create a successful culture within their work environment?

“My advice to other employers would be to form a cohesive vision for the company, build goals around that vision, and hire employees that operate with the right values to help fulfill it all. For Hanapin, we focus on transparency – being transparent with our employees, employees with leadership, and the whole team with our clients. We focus on listening to feedback, and adapting and pivoting as a result. We focus on building the agency with an employee-first mentality. Our team is collaborative and wants the entire company to do well. Eliminating unproductive competition from our DNA helps to drive us forward in a positive way. We hire people that are intrinsically motivated to do well. The team is very supportive of each other and many people would probably say that is a big part of why they like to come to work every day.”
Rebecca Reott, Director of HR

Does this recognition assist your ability to recruit and retain talent?

“The recognition as being one of the Best Places to Work absolutely assists in our ability to recruit and retain talent. Consistently being on a Best Places to Work list is one of the ways candidates discover us or it is a reason they are excited about the prospect of joining our team. Our current team members don’t mind bragging to their friends about working at one of the Best Places to Work either!”

Molly Nagy, Senior HR Coordinator

Why do employees love working for Hanapin?

“One of the biggest reasons I love working at Hanapin is because they put their people first. They understand that it’s the staff that makes Hanapin so great and they focus on implementing policies that reduce stress and enhance the work/life balance. Knowing that my company values me is a huge part of what makes me so happy to work here.”

Diane Anselmo, Associate Director of Services

“Hanapin has been a wonderful place for me to grow my career. Working for Hanapin has allowed me to use my innate talents, while discovering and developing new skills every day. It is rare to find a company that encourages and supports professional growth the way Hanapin does. Being surrounded by people who genuinely care about your personal and professional well-being has led to the immense success we have seen as a company. We are truly a team and are constantly working to raise the bar within our own walls as well as the industry at large. I love coming to work every day, and solving new problems while having fun with my peers.”

Lauren Rosner, Senior Production Specialist

Where do you see the future of digital and pay-per-click marketing going? Do you see opportunities for Bloomington to grow more of these types of companies here?

“I believe the digital marketing industry will continue to expand and quickly adapt as it has over the past 10 years. The tools and platforms we use are constantly shifting and we are perpetually training and re-training on these changes. Because of the nature of this industry, Bloomington is a strong a location as any to support it. The university produces a wealth of bright minds and the community itself is a magnet for diverse and motivated residents. The collaborative nature of a small-town city suggests that not only can more companies of this nature grow, but even better, develop a symbiotic relationship with each other.”

Carrie Albright, Associate Director of Services

What’s a challenge you’ve faced in Bloomington?

“While we love being headquartered in Bloomington, it can be a challenge to recruit for our more experienced roles. Since we have a strong PPC training program, we are often able to hire entry-level folks and train them up to be fantastic Digital Marketing Account Managers. However, at times we have more immediate needs for experience on our team, which we typically must find outside of Bloomington. The good news is that we have a strong remote work program that allows us to hire team members across the US. Part of the requirements for working remotely full-time is that they have to visit Bloomington four times per year, so we get to share our great city with them, even if they do not live here full-time!”

Molly Nagy, Senior HR Coordinator

What’s one of the most helpful things you’ve encountered in Bloomington?

“One of the most helpful things I’ve encountered in Bloomington as an HR person is the plethora of knowledgeable community members and opportunities that the City affords. I was worried when I first moved here from Atlanta, that opportunities would shrink and that I would not be exposed to the same cross-pollination of ideas. I was pleasantly surprised to find that in many ways, knowledge experts are even more accessible in Bloomington than Atlanta, and it is possible to form deeper relationships with the community because of the tight-knit nature of the City. People are willing to help out in a way that you don’t always see in other cities, and there is a real understanding that Bloomington wants Hanapin to do well, and Hanapin wants Bloomington to do well, and it feels like more of a partnership.”

Rebecca Reott, Director of HR

Where do you see Hanapin in 5 years?

In 5 years, we’ll easily be more than double the size. That growth will open a lot of opportunities for our folks to expand their skills and to continue to craft their individual roles to their strengths. It’s exciting to think of the specialized skills we’ll develop, and how we can leverage those to grow our clients’ businesses.  We’re also trying some exciting new things with our conference brand, Hero Conf. Including an event aimed at helping other agencies achieve the level of success we have. I hope that in 5 years we’ll have a series of live events like this that help folks grow their businesses, their careers, and the results they get from digital advertising.”

Jeff Allen, President at Hanapin Marketing

Where do you see Bloomington in 5 years?

“Bloomington never ceases to amaze me in how it grows and changes. New businesses keep establishing themselves, downtown housing is constantly in the works, and IU grads are deciding to start families here in Bloomington. I think we will see continued trends towards becoming that “Portland of the Midwest” with hip work and co-work spaces, alternative employment opportunities (such as remote options), and new industries (like distilleries, roasteries, design agencies, and boutiques). If we can keep the current residents engaged with the expanding city center and keep new residents challenged and encouraged in their pursuits, I believe Bloomington faces a path of innovative, trendy, and yet long-standing success.”

Carrie Albright, Associate Director of Services

“One of the most exciting things about Bloomington to me is the fact that it’s constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of the university and the community in general. It’s an atmosphere where new ideas and companies can pop up and thrive in response to the most recent wants and trends. With an already growing digital community, I think Bloomington in 5 years will be alive and well with innovation, will be home to even more start-ups, and will retain even more of the world-class digital talent churning out of the university each year.”

Nate Hollander, Director of Events