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Blue Burro Technology Makes Big Moves in Bloomington Tech Scene Selling Its Just Fill Out Product to ChildCareCRM


Blue Burro Technology is excited to announce the sale of its child care enrollment software, Just Fill Out, to ChildCareCRM. The Bloomington-based company, located in the Dimension Mill, built a strong and growing client base for this innovative application. After seeing an opportunity in the child care space, Blue Burro leveraged its deep experience in document assembly software to create an online enrollment app and then grew it into the leading online enrollment solution for the US childcare industry.

ChildCareCRM, a Dallas-based software firm focused exclusively on the childcare industry, is excited to add the Just Fill Out software to its line of existing child care software solutions. “Just Fill Out, which we will rebrand as ChildCareForms, delivers a smart, convenient, and helpful way to transform the way childcare centers currently operate,” said Chuck Gibbs, CEO and Founder of ChildCareCRM. “The product is an exciting way for us to help our customers grow more successful and efficient businesses.”

Going forward, Blue Burro, with its core business in delivering procurement and procurement-related technology to companies and governments, will continue growing its procurement offerings including its contract authoring app, DraftOnce. “Our core business is procurement services and technology, and we will continue helping companies and governments bring innovations into their procurement organization and realize greater value from their suppliers,” said Chris Martoglio, COO of Blue Burro. “We’re always pushing to deliver exceptional value to our clients through advanced procurement methods and tools.


Blue Burro specializes in designing and conducting complex procurements on behalf of companies and government entities and building technology that ensures contract compliance. Serving organizations ranging from Fortune 50 companies to small municipalities, and having procured over $2 billion worth of goods and services on behalf of its clients, Blue Burro delivers innovations in procurement methods and technology by driving value with each transaction. For more information, contact Jared Jones at or 812-778-3325.

ChildCareCRM sells a comprehensive, web-based customer relationship management and marketing system and enrollment forms software solution specifically designed for the child care industry. The software platform is the result of over 20 years of industry experience and delivers a simple-to-use, yet powerful, lead management system and enrollment forms automation solution that drives results to an organization’s bottom line. ChildCareCRM has approximately 2,000 centers, schools, and preschools as customers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. To learn more about ChildCareCRM and ChildCareForms, please visit or For more information contact Jerad Lally at